Newsletter October 2023

Ciao & Om Friends!

This summer Yogi season in Italy is coming to an end and it has been nothing short of magnificent, transformative, educational, a fertile ground for growth both within and without and of course: steeped in plenty of mindfulness, yoga and meditation practice! We’ve recently finished the last Bhakti Retreat for this year with an absolutely gorgeous group of Humans which left our Hearts truly full, mended and in awe! Now, as we prepare for a differently busy winter (more below), we’d love to share with you: Our Group Retreat Schedule for Summer 2024 in Tuscany, ItalyOpening Dark Retreat Bookings to the Public (at last 🙂 ) Last minute Special Discount on our Online Course Death & DyingArpita’s New Offerings & Adventures 

Group Retreats Summer 2024

We are going to take a year off from Teacher Trainings to refresh, as well as put some loving attention into other projects, in the meantime here are the Group Retreat Opportunities for summer 2024 in Tuscany so you can save the dates:

19 – 25 July: Silence in the Forest: Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat (5 day)
9 – 20 Aug: Stillness in the Forest: Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat (10 day)
6 – 12 Sept: Insight in the Forest: Intro to Vipassana Silent Meditation Retreat (5 day)
27 Sept – 3 Oct: Bhakti in the Forest: Devotional Immersion Retreat (5 day)

Dark Retreats 2024

As promised, after our usual ‘priority boarding’ for old / returning retreaters, we now open dark retreat bookings to the public for 2024. Our bigger dark room ‘Metta Bhavana’, dedicated to retreats of 7+ days is already almost full for next year with people coming back on longer retreats. However, we are excited to let you know that our Brand New, slightly smaller dark room ‘Upekkah‘ we have been building and preparing over the past five months, dedicated to retreats up to 7 days, is available for bookings. 

Please note that retreating in the dark is an advanced practice that is not to be approached lightly. It is important to enter the retreat in a moment of stable body-mind and with an established mindfulness practice.

Our dark rooms are open for meditators from May to November.

Online Course On Death & Dying

(with Arjuna)

We have introduced this beloved course before and in the light of current global events, that have severly affected many dear friends and people around us, this Online Program will be available at 50% Off for the next 48hrs to everyone wishing and needing to come into closer contact with this yogic knowledge and accompanied practices. 

New Offerings by Arpita

Many of you know that Arpita has been in touch with a variety of Somatic & Mindfulness practices over the years that have brought a one-of-a-kind sense of raw depth both to her own practice and to the way she holds space and shows up for others. She is delighted to be officially opening the Gates of her Rope Sanctuary, not only to close friends as it has been so far, but also to others drawn to the experience of 

1:1 Mindful Shibari-inspired Rope Rituals

She has just started her second Master’s Program on Buddhist Studies, to which she will be dedicating a good part of her time and energy over the next 18 months, hence also re-aligning our schedule and planning our next signature ‘Love Evolve Awaken’ Yoga Teacher Training as well as India Pilgrimage for 2025.

Arpita remains available for online 1:1 Counseling Sessions of different formats (currently there are TWO spots open for new humans to come in) in support to your unique individual process and journey.  

Thank you for reading, friends! We are looking forward to seeing you next summer in our beautiful forest hOMe The Inner Peace Sanctuary Tuscany in Practice, Community and Loving Awareness! Sincere Gratitude to all who made this Yogi Summer Season both, so nourishing & special and such a valuable catalyst for learning and growing together at the challenging times we live in!

In continous Loving Kindness and Prayer for Peace, 

Arpita and Arjuna

(& Spank-Houdini SuperDog GoodBoy)

PS. You can always find us on Instagram and mend your Heart with plenty of Chanting recordings on our Youtube channel! You can give a listen to our currently favorite Hanuman Chalisa version HERE.

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