Following their calling to inspire change and support people in transforming their lives into purpose-driven happiness, over the past decade Arpita and Arjuna have created a few Retreat h-Om-es in very different parts of the world, where others can come together in a supported nourishing and profoundly connected environment.

Stepping into a sacred space dedicated to the attainment of real Freedom through spiritual practice and deep understanding of our True Self holds the capacity to guide our inner wisdom into the light of action and enables us to embody our Heart-full Magnetic Brilliance for the World to witness, reminding us that Everything is Possible.


Tuscany, Italy

Inner Peace Sanctuary Tuscany

The Inner Peace Sanctuary is a 200-year old traditionally restored Tuscan country house surrounded by extensive chestnut forest. This true contemplative haven is tucked away by itself, overlooking picturesque Tuscan valleys with the Mediterranean Sea in the background. Arrival has been described by many as stepping into a different world, a world of Peace, Quiet & Union with Nature, where one can effortlessly return to their innate wisdom and inner vision, while deer and foxes are found casually snacking on delicious fallen fruits right under your window.

Tuscany Sunset Meditation



Lake Atitlan, Guatemala




Mahadevi Ashram on the shores of breathtaking lake Atitlan (Guatemala) is a naturally-built sanctuary created by many loving hands, offering simple, yet cozy conditions, appropriate for Yogic practice to everyone feeling the call to enter an immensely accelerated vortex of transformation. The space is nestled at the edge of a traditional Mayan indigenous village, set up amidst a jungly avocado trees and coffee garden right by a clear creek and a nearby waterfall.

sunrise at lake atitlan guatemala

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