Terms & Conditions

1. To confirm a spot for group retreats a deposit or full contribution is required, depending on the type of course.

Contributions are refundable:

– a deposit to reserve your spot is refundable within 14 days after booking

the remainder contribution is refundable 85% if canceled up to two months before the event

– and 50% if canceled up to one month before the event

Within the last month before an event and after an event has started no refunds are available.

2. We reserve the right to ask any participant to leave a course if the facilitators/space holders find their presence harmful or disturbing to the group process or not in alignment with the retreat or space guidelines. A refund may or may not be issued depending on the individual circumstances.

3. Additional Teacher Training Terms available on the YTT page.

4. For darkroom retreats we require a non-refundable advance contribution in full at the time of booking as canceled retreat periods are hard to rebook. In case of changes of dates we do offer a reduced contribution of 50% until one month before the starting date of your retreat. If you can provide a replacement person for your canceled retreat, we are happy to accommodate such changes without charge, as long as we can approve the person for this advanced practice.

5. Please note that some of our activities are under the umbrella of an association and you will be required to obtain an annual membership card at EUR 10 upon arrival in order to participate.

6. All activities and your presence at our venues are entirely at your own risk, we assume no liability whatsoever. Kindly look into insurance policies at your own discretion.

Thank you for your understanding & cooperation.

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