19 – 25 July (5 Day) – half full

9 – 20 August (10 Day) – half full

Stillness in the Forest: 
Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat 

27 September – 3 October – half full

Bhakti in the Forest:

5-day Devotional Immersion Retreat


Solo / Individual Dark Room Retreats

2024 – almost full

Meditation Hridaya Retreat

19 July – 25 July (5 Day)

9 – 20 August (10 Day) 
Silence in the Forest: 

Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat

(incl. 1-2 day Communal Integration)

In this retreat we combine Contemplation, Silence and Harmonious Communal Beingness by integrating the initial days of complete noble silence with a conclusion of a day or two of integration, chanting, kirtan celebration, movement, sauna and silent togetherness. 

You are invited to immerse yourself in the teachings & practices of Advaita Vedanta, non-dual tradition of India through the pathway of the Spiritual Heart (Hridaya) and Self-Inquiry and enjoy an integrative conclusion of chant & movement during the last two days of this retreat.

Designed as a non-dogmatic process aimed to benefit people from diverse backgrounds, this retreat is comprised by multiple sessions of meditation each day, guiding you gently through a number of techniques from Advaita Vedanta, Kashmiri Shaivism, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism as well as Middle Eastern Mysticism, complemented by a daily Hatha Yoga session, dharma discourse and delightful Sufi poetry to inspire all to go deeper.

This retreat is open to both, beginners and seasoned practitioners on any path and is held in complete noble silence after the introductory session upon arrival until the closing session on the last practice day. 

Daily Schedule (subject to slight adjustments) : 

7h          Wake Up Bell
7.30h     Guided sitting Meditation with breaks
9.30h     Breakfast
10.30h   Morning Discourse on supportive Yogic & Meditation Topics
11.30h   Meditative Traditional Hatha Yoga
13.30h   Lunch, Integration & Rest
16.30h   Guided Sitting Meditation with breaks
18.30h   Individual practice time
19h        Fruit & tea time
19.30h   Q&A and Metta Bhavana/ Loving Kindness Meditation 

Please note that this retreat is limited to 12 participants.


5-day: from €688 (Full Price from €888)
Arrival Day 19 July | Departure Day 25 July

10-day: from €987 (Full Price from €1111)
Arrival Day 9 August | Departure Day 20 August

Please find pictures of the venue HERE.


  • Books for continued studies after the retreat
  • Guided meditations to support continued practice
vipassana meditation retreat

6 – 12 September 
Insight in the Forest: 

5-day Intro to Vipassana /  Silent Meditation Retreat

Are you looking to deepen your meditation practice & discipline? Do you feel called to explore a strong practice that has been around for thousands of years and brings forth time-proven results?

We warmly invite you to join us for this Introduction to Vipassana, also known as ‘Insight Meditation’, which has been our trusted companion for all of our adult life so far. Through the incredible methodology of Anapanasati (breath awareness) and Vipassana (insight meditation) one is invited to see reality exactly as it is in the present moment, to tame the mind’s pendulum, endlessly undulating between desires & aversions, past & future and anchor it powerfully in the only moment that truly matters: right now.  

This retreat is for everyone looking to cultivate a deeper sense of awareness, wisdom, contentment and fulfillment in the present moment through continuous & dedicated practice.

Suitable both for beginners and already experienced meditators. 

Daily Schedule

4:00am        Wake Up bell
4:30am        Sitting meditation
5:15am        Mindful QiGong 
6:15am        Sitting meditation
7:00am        Breakfast & Karma Yoga
8:30am        Instructions & Discourse
9:30am        Walking meditation
10:15am      Sitting meditation
11:00am      Lunch & Rest
2:00pm        Sitting meditation
2:45pm        Walking meditation
3:30pm        Sitting meditation
4:15pm        Walking meditation
5:00pm        Sitting meditation
5:45pm        Walking Meditation
6:30pm        Tea & Fruit
8:00pm        Teachings / Q&A
9:00pm        Metta / Loving Kindness Meditation
10:00pm      Sleep



It is our desire for this retreat to be accessible to all, so until 6 July 2024 we kindly ask for a minimal fixed supported contribution of EUR 597+ towards accommodation and food (€777+ regular rate). This includes 6 nights of comfortable shared accommodation (€697/€997 for twin rooms), 12 full meals + 6 fruit & tea breaks, all your spring water/tea as well as pick up & drop off at the nearest train station. 

Traditionally the teachings of the Buddha are considered so precious, one cannot put a price tag on them. Hence the Vipassana teachings themselves are held by an additional loving donation accepted at the end of the retreat.

Please note that this retreat is limited to 12 people. 

Arrival Day 6 September | Departure Day 12 September

Please find pictures of the retreat center HERE.


  • Extra day for integration with accommodation and all meals. – Departure 13 September
  • Guided meditations to support continued practice after the retreat
sanctuary tuscany retreat bhakti mantra yoga

27 September – 3 October 

Bhakti in the Forest: 

5-day Devotional Immersion Retreat

Celebrate the Path of the Heart with us over five days of Delicious Bhakti Yoga Immersion in the Magical Tuscan Forest as we come together to dive into Mantra Chanting, Sacred Stories, Heart-nourishing Ritual and Devotional Hatha Yoga all in the ideal setting of the Inner Peace Sanctuary, a heavenly refuge supporting a deep connection with nature & the resting in our inborn Love-being.

This exploration of the Heart-realms of Yoga is designed as an Immersion Retreat in the path of Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of Devotion, which carries its own unique flavor of connecting with Spirit through the experience of Joyful Expansion & Recognition of the ever-present ingrained Sacredness within & without. 

We’ll be diving into the Heart through Kirtan / Ecstatic Mantra chanting with the assistance of Guatemalan Ceremonial Cacao, into the Symbolism of the Divine Archetypes with light-hearted storytelling, rest in our Sacred Bodies through slow & nourishing Bhakti Hatha Yoga sessions and all that within a sweet like-minded community, enjoying yummy vegan/vegetarian meals cooked with love, forest walks, sauna and more.  

Designed as an opportunity to come back to your Heart, to go gently, to deeply rest in the inherent delight of being alive, this retreat is a precious time to devote to yourself before the end of summer. 

Daily Flow (subject to change)* : 

8.30 – 9.30 Guided Sitting Heart Meditation (Hridaya) & Mantra Chanting
9.30 – 11.30 Breakfast
11.30 – 13h Meditative Bhakti Hatha Yoga
13.30 – Lunch, Rest & Forest walks
17 – 19h Kirtan / Sacred Stories/ Additional activities
19.30 Dinner and Community Time (Sauna, Inspiring Movie Night, Bonfire..) 


All incl. of all sessions and teachings, yummy vegetarian / vegan meals, 6 nights accommodation, sauna evening, pick up & drop off from / at the nearest train station starting from

Early Bird: €697 until 27 June
Full Price: €1008

A deposit of €49 via the button below secures your spot, followed by choice of accommodation.

Please note that this retreat is limited to 12 people.

Arrival Day 27 September | Departure Day 3 October  

Find pictures of Inner Peace Sanctuary Tuscany HERE.


  • Video class: How to play harmonium/kirtan
  • Mantra booklet with chords
  • 70-hour Spotify playlist of awesome kirtan music

– Dates to be announced –

Deeper in the Forest: 

5-day Group Darkness Retreat

Do you want more than a regular yoga retreat? Are you ready for a deep reset into a clearer vision? How about stepping into a 200-year old Tuscan villa that’s entirely darkened, just like some ancient yogis did with caves, just this time you will be doing so within a safe group of supportive fellow humans?

Together we will explore the deeper realms of human potential with authentic techniques of breath, yoga, mantra & meditation while taking full advantage of the potent ancient practice of retreating into the dark.

We will guide you through the fascinating biochemical effects of sensory deprivation, letting visions, insights and release unfold effortlessly, welcoming you into a space of deep rest, ease and grounded clarity.

Who is this retreat for: 

  • The curious and brave who wish to try something new and extraordinary
  • The ones on a healing journey and in need of a sacred pause
  • Those scientists of the mind intrigued by working with naturally-induced DMT
  • The dreamers wishing to cultivate lucidity and clearer inner vision
  • The high-achievers craving a much needed dopamine reset & complete digital detox
  • The yogis ready to go deeper into the Heart of this present moment

Daily Flow:

7 – 8h Morning Meditation / Slow Hatha Yoga Practice
8 – 9.30h Breakfast & Rest
9.30 – 10.30h Daily Talk / Discourse
10.30 – 11.30h Breathing practice / Pranayama & Guided Meditation
11.30 – 15.30h Lunch & Rest
15.30 – 16.30h Meditation
16.30 – 17.30h Vocal activation & Chanting
17.30 – 18.30h Circle for sharing, exchange & support
18.30 – 20h Dinner & Rest
20 – 21h Evening talk / Lucid Dreaming & Metta Bhavana (Loving Kindness) practice
21h Sleep / Rest / Meditation in your room

What to expect:

Retreating into the dark has been utilized across many traditions around the world for thousands of years in order to remove the distractions and responsibilities of everyday life and enter the somewhat mystical realms of the liminal, ‘the space in between’, the dark darkness, pregnant with opportunities for self-knowledge and self-actualization. 

We will embark on this journey of awareness together, allowing its purifying effects to gently break through self-limiting patterns and naturally unlock blissful layers of presence, creativity & confidence, stepping beyond the usual everyday contraction and anxieties of the mind.


All inclusive of all sessions & teachings with highly experienced yogis, 6 nights of specially darkened accommodation, 17 yummy vegetarian / vegan meals, pick up & drop off from/at the nearest train station starting from € *** per person in a same-gender twin-shared room.

Please note that this retreat is limited to ONLY 6-8 participants.

Arrival Day TBD 16h | Departure Day TBD 11h

Please find pictures of the venue HERE.

We’ve been holding space for individual darkness retreats for 10+ years, find out more about it HERE.

"Oh my god, this retreat blows my mind and also opens my heart. This mixture of poems, lectures, meditations, stillness is perfect. Thank you both loving souls for making this possible. Thank you also that you have the courage to bring in such topics which could easily trigger people's beliefs. I'm just grateful to be here.
Your work is so important."
Samuel Grimminger
Project Manager

Ongoing Solo / Individual Dark Room Retreats

We’ve been holding space for experienced practitioners to go deeper through the ancient practice of darkness retreat since 2012.  At the moment we accommodate retreats from 3 days up to 49 days in our dedicated dark room facility. Please note that retreating in the dark is an advanced practice that is not to be approached lightly, hence we generally suggest starting with 3-7 days.

If you’d like to know more, please visit our dedicated page.

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