India Pilgrimage 2021: Love Evolve Awaken in the Motherland

Mama India is strong medicine, she shows exactly what needs to be seen and experienced at this moment, turning it all up for us so we can truly gain a perspective on life and the ways we engage with it. She shows it all: the splendid and delightful, the devotional and compassionate, as well as the “ugly”, the sad, the heartbreaking, demanding us to acknowledge that All is Life and this Full Spectrum is the embodiment of It, in all its different tastes, shapes and forms, beyond our judgement, likes or dislikes, beyond the “perfect” world we often strive to create for ourselves and so tightly hold on to. We like to say you don’t travel India, she travels you , she moves and rearranges your inner tectonic plates like no other place does, until you come to rest in the only place there is: your own Heart.

Dates: March 2021

Details to be confirmed soon, watch this space.
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