India Pilgrimage 2022: Love Evolve Awaken in the Motherland

Radharaman Temple, Vrindavan

 Mama India is strong medicine, she shows exactly what needs to be seen and experienced at this moment, turning it all up for us so we can truly gain a perspective on life and the ways we engage with it.
She shows it all: the splendid and delightful, the devotional and compassionate, as well as the “ugly”, the sad, the heartbreaking, demanding us to acknowledge that All is Life and this Full Spectrum is the embodiment of It, in all its different tastes, shapes and forms, beyond our judgement, likes or dislikes, beyond the ‘perfect’ world we often strive to create for ourselves and so tightly hold on to.
We like to say you don’t travel India, she travels you, she moves and rearranges your inner tectonic plates and landscape like no other place does, until you come to rest in the only place there is: your own Heart.


28 February – 15 March 2022

Varanasi – Agra – Vrindavan – Rishikesh – Amritsar – Dharamsala


Day 1 – Arrival in Varanasi – Airport pick up – Settling in  – Opening circle – walk to the Ganga

Day 2 – Breakfast – walk on the Ganga ghats – visit of Old Town – Lunch – Free time – Dinner – Ganga Aarti and MahaShivaratri Celebration

Day 3 – Sunrise boat ride on the Ganga – Breakfast – Visit to Manikarnika Burning gath – Lunch – Visit of Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple – Ganga Aarti – Dinner

Day 4 – Breakfast  –  Exploration – Night train to Agra 

Day 5 – Breakfast – visit of Taj Mahal – Lunch – shuttle to Vrindavan (3hrs) – Settling in – Dinner

Day 6 – Breakfast – Shiva Gopeshwar Temple – Rasa Lila gardens – Lunch at the temple – walk to Yamuna river and old town – RadhaRaman Temple for evening celebration program 

Day 7 – Breakfast –  Govardhan hill trip for the day – Iskon Temple for evening celebration program

Day 8 – Breakfast – shuttle to Rishikesh (7hrs) – Settling in hotel – Afternoon walk – Dinner

Day 9 – Breakfast – Mooji Satsang (tbc) – Lunch – Beatles Ashram – Ganga Aarti – Dinner

Day 10 – Breakfast – Waterfall hike – Lunch – Free time – Dinner 

Day 11 – Breakfast – Bathing in the Ganga and Kirtan – Exploration – Dinner – Night train Haridwar to Amritsar 

Day 12 – Settling in – Breakfast at Golden Temple – day at the Golden temple – Dinner  

Day 13 – Breakfast – Leaving to Dharamsala by private shuttle (5hrs) – Settling in – Dinner 

Day 14 – Breakfast – walk in McLoedGanj – exploration of Tibetan Culture – Lunch – Visit of Namgyal Monastery/ HH Dalai Lama’s Temple – Dinner

Day 15 – Breakfast – hike to Triund, the foothills of the Himalayan Range (3hr) – Lunch and Rest – Hike back – Dinner 

Day 16 – Breakfast – End of Pilgrimage



28 February – 15 March 2022

Booking period closes 30 September 2021
(Limited to ONLY 10 spots)


EUR 1533
(shared twin room)

Ganga at Varanasi


  • communal transportation during the pilgrimage: AC trains, private shuttles, boat rides
  • clean & safe mid-range twin accommodation (single available)
  • traveling and guidance by yogis who have spent years in India and getting to experience the country through their eyes
  • chanting, meditation and interpretive sessions depending on the travel schedule
  • entrance ticket to Taj Mahal  

Not included: 

  • flights to and from India
  • Indian visa
  • insurance
  • meals (we’ll often offer the option to have those together, however we find it optimal to keep the meal schedule flexible for everyone’s enjoyment and preference)

Cancelation & Covid-19 Policy

  • Only a deposit is required to reserve your spot, the remaining amount is to be settled one month prior to the starting date of the pilgrimage 
  • If one month before the pilgrimage the travel regulations in India are not forthcoming we will offer the following three options: receive your deposit back, transfer your deposit to the next pilgrimage in India or transfer your deposit to an alternative backup pilgrimage route in Nepal with the same dates 28 Feb – 15 March 2022 

IMPORTANT: Please note that this isn’t meant to be a luxury experience, but rather a spiritual journey of the Heart through the Land of Yoga that has changed our lives forever

Triund above Dharamsala


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